Our Services

We are experts at having great conversations, we've done it since 2009. REAL offers both inbound and oubound calling campaigns of all capacity levels that are custom built to meet the individiual nature of your needs. We have calling specialsts who can nurture your donors(just like the forests of trees we plant need nurturing), run acquisition campaigns or run upgrade or reactivations campaigns.

In the event of you being interested in any other form of calling, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We truly believe you will not find a partner who provides warmer, more values enriched calls in the sector.

Check in

Many beneficiaries of Charities are feeling very vulnerable at present. We are offering a really cost effective service to show your supporters how much you care and to simply make sure they are ok and if they need assistance can be referred accordingly.

Welcome Calling

As an agency that has secured over 400,000 donors with exceptional attirition and one that does all of our own welcome calling in-house you can trust us to convey the warmth and appreciation your donors deserve. We also know how important it is to feed back the call outcomes to shape your acquisition strategy and make improvements, after all we've been doing this every year and seen constantly improving retention of giving. 

Thank you

What better way to show a donor how much you appreciate them and what an amazing Charity you are by simply thanking them for their support? You can depend on us to ensure that your donors will feel like the heroes they truly are.  As opt in specialists you also can expect good uplifts in this area after thank you campaigns.


We believe we have the perfect formula of ensuring at its heart an upgrade call focuses on nurturing and thanking a donor for their valued support while gently enquiring if someone feels their is value in increasing their support level. Everyone who receives one of these calls should feel amazing and with an even closer connection to your cause, whether they upgrade their donation or not.


There are a number of reasons why someone's donation to a charity may have stopped. As acquisition specialists who understand that to convey passion on any calls our team must first be passionate themselves. 

One off / Event to regular

At REAL we know as well as anyone how important regular giving is but also how vital it is that your supporters are listened to and treated with respect. It is as important to us to know who not to ask for a regular gift as it is to ask those for who it is, while maintaining excellent conversion rates. Donor development is nuanced and needs to be tactfully and thoughtfully handled. 

Gift Aid

We have an encyclopedic understanding of gift aid at REAL and have developed clear, easy to understand methods of conveying the scheme to your donors. 

Digital / Lead Conversion

Nobody knows better than us how to engage with someone for the first time in an inspiring, captivating way. Anything from Social Media to CoReg leads the only thing cold about these calls is the name, values, warmth and passsion is guaranteed. 

Value Exchange

As with all calling sensitivity is key with value exchange calling. As engaging, warm communicators specialising in empowering donors with industry leading contact rates, your campaign is safe with us. 

Virtual cup of tea?

Our calling is warm and inviting, to get in touch to express interest in any aspects of our work, please click below.