Inspiring calls, REAL values, great conversations.

REAL Calling

As part of the REAL Family we have over 100 years calling experience, We are experts at having great values based conversations centrered around our core values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love. 

Our mission is to have truely warm conversations with every person we speak to, whether it is handling inbound DTV to phone acquisition, calling socially & digitally generated leads or nurturing charity donors through our many retention programs. 

Ethical conversations begin with inspired callers and this is why we invest so heavily in recruiting Fundraisers who deeply care and match our values. We are passionate about training standards going above and beyond to ensure that everyone who works on your campaign is both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about your cause.

Award winning culture means that our callers always make the right decision even when no one is listening. It's one of the reasons we won the business culture award for small business in 2020 and were runners up for Brand, Purpose & Values.

We utilise cloud based call centre technology that is GDPR, PCI and data protection compliant making both remote and office based calling secure and possible. With all of our staff directly employed (no agency staff or nasty zero hours contracts) on full time contracts and DBS checks on everyone you really are in the safest hands.  

REAL Values

Our values of Respect, Ethics, Activism and Love are engrained into our DNA and inform all of our interactions and decisions at every level of the company.  We truly believe, that when done right, business can be a force for good in the world. 

5% of all of our profits are paid to the REAL Ethical Fund, a fund of money that provides support to charities and community project . Since the start of 2018, donations totalling in excess of £85,000 have been made by the fund.

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Founded in 2009, REAL Fundraising is an award winning face to face fundraising company and the first Charity fundraising agency in the world to achieve B Corp status.  Many talk about values, at REAL they put them into action during every interaction and everything we do. In fact our values come from the REAL Family and are so important to us that we named ourselves after them.

What does this mean for our clients? Values led fundraising at all touchpoints, some of the lowest complaint rates in the industry and really great calls.  

Carbon Neutral now & NetZero by 2030.

Committed carbon neutral company, for every 50 contacts we make, we plant a tree. It is our express intention that both the interactions we have and the tree will be nurtured and breathe hope into a troubled world.

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